For the comfort of your home: Opt for heating oil

SG Énergie delivers heating oil in Quebec city region,  Montreal and others regions in Quebec

For oil delivery or equipment sales and maintenance, trust SG Energie.

Fuel oil

Grade 1 Light fuel oil

Generally called ‘stove oil‘, this is used for space heaters whose oil tanks are installed outside or in an unheated area.

Grade 2 Light fuel oil

This is the oil used by the majority of hot-water or forced hot-air furnaces. Most people call it ‘furnace oil’ or ‘heating oil‘.

Unlike Grade 1 fuel oil, Grade 2 must be stored in a temperate area to optimize the combustible properties.

For all of your oil heating needs, SG Énergie offers a complete range of services through our subsidiary company Janiel Plomberie Chauffage:

  • Repair, maintenance and cleaning of furnace that works with fuel oil
  • Domestic oil tank pumping
  • Installation and replacement of oil tanks or oil-fired water heaters

Convenient automatic delivery

Our automatic management system tracks your fuel consumption day and night and tells us when to fill your tank. You have nothing to worry about.

If you would rather order your business or home heating oil delivery yourself, simply contact us through your phone or on the Internet.

Emergency service day and night

Green product

This fuel is a blend of Number 2 fuel oil and refined vegetable oil, recycled cooking oil or animal fat. Biofuel is clean and sulphur-free. It also produces less soot or particles, because it burns more than traditional fuel, making heating systems even more efficient.

We know that heating is important. That’s why we have a fuel oil delivery service available day and night. We are always ready to help you!

SG Énergie is a bi-energy heating system specialist

In the last few years, many houses and businesses opted for bi-energy: a heating system that uses electricity with heating oil as an additional fuel.

When the outside temperature is at or above -12 °C, the system operates on electricity. When the temperature drops below this threshold, heating oil takes over, being the most energy-­efficient combustible under these cold conditions.

Our expert technicians can convert or optimize your existing heating system.

As it’s the case for the installation or replacement of a traditional furnace by our Janiel division, our turnkey service handles absolutely everything, including the safe, clean disposal of your old furnace. Janiel will be able to recommend the best manufacturers including Dettson, Thermolec, Thermo 2000, Viessmann, Slant / Fin and Weil-McLain.

Air conditioners / Thermo Pumps / Humidifiers / Air exchangers

The new generations of furnaces are also versatile, which means that you can add an air conditioner, thermo-pump, humidifier and even an air exchanger now or later.

Impeccable work by our dedicated team

When the time comes to replace your furnace, you can turn to SG Energie and our Janiel division for turnkey service: we take care of absolutely everything, including removal of your old boiler.