Lubricants expert

SG Énergie distributes a wide selection of lubricants, biolubricants and environmentally–friendly grease.We have in our inventory mineral, synthetic and biosynthetic premium quality oil to meet all your needs for heavy vehicle maintenance, car maintenance, industrial equipment maintenance,etc. We deliver lubricant in bulk, in barrel, in pail and in package everywhere in Quebec.

We represent such leading brands as ENI, BLC, PANOLIN et Condat.

LGD International is a manufacturer with specific expertise in bio-lubricants and bio-degreasers, including the manufacturing of BLC products. BLC products offer ecological and biodegradable anti-friction and degreasing treatments for the industrial and commercial sectors. It should be noted that Panolin is a Swiss manufacturer specializing in biosynthetic lubricants and greases, which are therefore biodegradable and non-toxic. For its part, Eni’s strategy is to offer its high-performance products at a competitive price: ENI is the ideal engine oil for European cars, along with a full range of lubricants of all kinds. : industrial, for machinery and for road vehicles in severe service

No matter what your sector of activity, we have the right mineral, synthetic or biosynthetic lubricant for your equipment!

Our lubricants

 Motorized vehicles Lubricants

• Motor oil

• Transmission fluid

• Gear fluid

Industrials lubricants

• Hydraulic oil
• Gear oil

• Chain lub
• Demolding oil

• Heat transfer oil
• Cutting oil

• Process oil
• Food grade oil

Biodegradables lubricants

• Hydraulic oil
• Marine oil

• Drilling oil
• Motor oil

• Transmission oil

• Food grade lubricant


• Lithium Grease
• Moly Grease

• Fire-resistant Grease

• Biodegradable grease

• Multi-Purpose Grease

Complementary products

• Antifreeze
• Additive

• Solvent

• Urea

• Windshield washer fluid

Our services

  • Oil analysis
  • Lubrication service record
  • Technical service
  • Delivery in bulk, barrel and pail
Green product
Biosynthetic Lubricants

These remarkable long-lasting, high performance lubricants are non-toxic, entirely biodegradable and eco friendly.